25 years of certified safe & eco-friendly baby nappies

Responsible parents always want the best for their baby, and this includes finding the perfect baby products too! Bambo Nature nappies, training pants and wipes are at the forefront of technological development; from the functionality of the products, to the materials that they are made from.

Our Nappies and Training Pants come with a super soft top-dry layer which quickly wicks away wetness from your baby and, locking it into the core, along with the fully breathable back sheet, Bambo Nature nappies give the most premium care for your baby’s skin. They are also dermatologically tested and boast our thinnest ever core design, which doesn’t compromise on performance or comfort, allowing your baby to move around freely and minimising the risk of any unwanted leakages. Along with the flexible stretch side panels, achieving that perfect fit has never been easier!